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"IKE DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!"

Will I ever get a weekend at HOME (aka in my house) without anything to do? I'm starting to think I wont. LOL. Now don't get me wrong... I love visiting family and friends, but MAN. Ever since Andy and I moved in here a couple weeks ago we've been gone somewhere every weekend and it's almost starting to piss me off. Not in a bad way... I guess I'm just a little irritated. Meh... maybe not... I DON'T KNOW. This last weekend we went down to Kansas City to visit my cousin Jill and her husband Travis, who's an asst. defensive line coah for the KU Jayhawks football team. The game was soooo much fun. We had AMAZING seats. 50 yard line, 8th row. HOLLA! (I guess it pays to have your cousin married to a coach, huh?) It was also a beautiful day out... perfect for a football game. OH AND WHAT ELSE? KU is in Lawrence, Kansas which, yes, is where Hanson played almost a year ago. *tear* Such good memories. As we were driving around Lawrence I kept seeing all these places and things that I remembered from last year. It made me miss tour THAT much more. Wahhh. Oh yeah... guess who KU played? Oklahoma State... LOL. How ironic, yes? There were a bunch of news vans there that said "Tulsa, Oklahoma" on the side. Before the game we were walking by some of the tail gate parties and one of them had "Love Shack" playing. I was like, "AHHH, EMILY WHERE ARE YOUUUU?!?!" ROFL. SO MANY MEMORIES. jajajajajajijijijijjjjijijijij!!!!!

At least I have this new bangin' Hanson song to get me through. HA. It's not a fav of mine... but it's still good. Tay... do me in the hotel a couple times... YES?? 

Andy and I have decided that we're hosting Thanksgiving here this year. We've invited our parents... I guess he just invited Kevin, too. So... anyone else want to come? y/n? Ok sweet.. just let me know. I'll be cooking everything except the turkey.. EW. I don't think I'll ever cook a turkey... EVER. That's just sick. You're supposed to stick your hand up in there and..... AHHH!!! I CAN'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

I need to find a job. Wahhhh. I liked sitting on my ass for 4 months and not doing anything. But it's either that or get preggers.... hmmm.... GUESS I'LL GET A JOB!!!!!!!! lol. Sorry... no preggers Kim on tour. HELLZ NO. I need to look most delicious when I see Taylor and Zac. Oh yeah, and Ike too... so I can laugh at him and flash him my impression of his lazy eye. SUP EYEke??


TAYLORRRRRRR, do me in the hotel NOWWWWWW, kthnx. 
ps. nice ass. 


I finally found the new "Taking the Walk" trailer after "ASSHOLE GREYSON" took it down. Mwah. I made some screen caps, thanks to my new program, so here you go. LOL.




IKE: "it's being shoved down your throat"   uhhh...................... oookay.........



OH! jk... Zac's un-showered messy mop is hotter.

and hotter.....

TAYLOR: "ike... don't leave. he's.... all he's try.... don't leave........... IKE!!!!" rofl.

OMG NOOOO!!!!!!! I still can't believe they did this.....

new album cover? I dunno, I dunno.......
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